Welcome to CuddleFish! 

We are currently based out of Snohomish Washington.


Please Visit our Facebook Group for Event Listing and dates!

The event is limited to 25 attendees.

As we have a welcome circle and a consent invite for new attendees being on time is important. We know that sometimes life happens and if you need to show up later or make other arrangements for this please reach out to an admin for guidance.

The doors open at 7:30 pm

Consent orientation at 8 pm

Welcome Circle begins at 8:15 pm

Doors close at 8:30 pm. No attendees after this time unless otherwise arranged.

The event ends at 1 am.

The price is $20 a person in advance or $25 at the door. Currently accepting payments via Venmo (@Bagelfather) and Paypal (bagelfather@gmail.com).

Light snacks, water, and drinks are provided. We encourage people to bring food to share minus anything with peanuts (in same facility as is okay).

Full event info on the FB page.

RESPECT is our golden rule.

R – Rules

E - Energy

S - Space

P - Pronouns

E - Equality

C - Consent

T - Thoughtfulness

Rules - there are rules for the event to ensure a safe and welcoming environment for all participants and to protect the space where we meet.

Energy - This is the vibe of the event where what you get from the cuddle space is what you put into it. Please come and share your loving energy with your fellow cuddlers.

Space - Be mindful of the space we are gathered in. This is a home our host is renting out and it is their furnishings we are using for the cuddle. Please take care to keep the space clean and avoid touching personal items without permission.

Pronouns - Be respectful of people’s pronouns, if you are not aware or forget please ask. We recognize that mistakes can happen when using the incorrect pronouns and all we ask is that you correct and be make a strong effort to express the correct pronouns.

Equality - We welcome cuddlers of all genders, sexual orientations, faiths, and race. All are to be treated with respect, love, and kindness. Bigotry and hatred have no place in this space.

Consent - Consent rules this cuddle space. Before engaging physically with someone be sure to get their consent, a maybe is not a yes, a no is not a yes, and only a yes is a yes. If you observe people engaging without negotiation it is because they have an established consent agreement.

We look forward to Connecting with you!

Meet the Team!

(Left) - Aly: she/her - Aly has been attending cuddle events going on 5 years. Considers herself to be a professional cuddler and enjoys hosting events! Private cuddles available HERE

(Center) - Edward: he/him - Edward has been a Long time cuddler including hosting for decades! He has opened his home for our events!

(Right) - Na!m: they/them - Na!m (Naim) Honorary team member -loves all the cuddles, the more the merrier, definity an expert cuddler! They are a top contributor in bringing new faces to the group!